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Tully CSD Wellness
Welcome to the Wellness page! Tully is dedicated to the well being of all our students and staff. We recognize that this year is unlike any other and want to help in all facets of life. On this page, you will find the Wellness Committee agenda, links to prevalent resources, and activities to keep your mind and body energized and healthy. 
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Role of the Tully School District Wellness Committee To establish goals for, and oversee the development of, the District's wellness policy. The Committee makes policy recommendations for review and adoption by the Board, and is responsible for assessing current wellness activities, programs, and policies available within the School District.
Committee Members:
Aleisha Pforter: Health Teacher
Alyssa Ganzhorn: JSHS Nurse
David Charles: PE Teacher
Denise Cardamone: BOE Member
Paul Schiener: JSHS Assistant Principal
Rob Hughes: Superintendent
Rob Kennedy: Food Service Manager
Jane Byrne-Panzarella: BOE Member
Emma Byrne: Student Representative

Wellness Committee
Wellness Days
JSHS - Winter Wellness 2022
JSHS - Spring Wellness 2022
TES - Spring Wellness 2022

Wellness Committee Minutes
Minutes 10.27.21
Minutes 12.01.21
Minutes 3.02.22
Minutes 5.04.22

Wellness Policy