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Tully High School


Mary Ann Murphy
7 - 12 Principal

Paul Schiener
7 - 12 Assistant Principal

20 State Street 
Tully NY, 13159
p: (315) 696-6200
f: (315) 696-6237


Photo by: Brett Carlsen

 Tully Junior Senior High School


Mary Ann Murphy, 7-12 Principal, mmurphy@tullyschools.org

Paul Schiener, 7-12 Assistant Principal, pschiener@tullyschools.org

20 State Street, Tully NY, 13159

Phone 315-696-6200
Fax 315-696-6237


Junior High World Games

5:30 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.

Thursday, April 2

ALL 7th & 8th Graders
Sponsored by the Junior High International Club


Congratulations Academic Decathlon! 

The Tully Junior-Senior High Academic Decathlon took 1st place and are overall champions! The team also took 1st place in the Super Quiz event. (3 rounds, 12 questions per round drawn from all subjects except math, only given 7 seconds to answer). 

Here are the individual awards won by students.
(Varsity is "C" level students, Scholastic is "B" level, Honors is "A" level.)
3rd place - Honors - Julie Kunnumpurath
2nd place  - Varsity - Peter Barletta
1st place - Scholastic - Matt Wood
3rd place - Varsity - Jake Hutton
1st place - Scholastic - Matt Wood
1st place - Scholastic - Katie Warner
3rd place - Honors - Katie Warner
1st place - Scholastic - Matt Wood 
3rd place - Scholastic - Peyton Wolf
1st place - Scholastic - Matt Wood
3rd place - Varsity - Jake Hutton
3rd place - Varsity - Peter Barletta
1st place - Scholastic - Matt Wood
1st place - Honors - Julie Kunnumpurath
3rd place - Scholastic - Peyton Wolf
2nd place - Scholastic - Matt Wood
2nd place - Honors - Julie Kunnumpurath 
1st place - Honors - Katie Warner
Social Science
3rd place - Varsity - Jake Hutton
3rd place - Honors - Julie Kunnumpurath
2nd place - Scholastic - Matt Wood
2nd place - Honors - Sam Sheldon
1st place - Scholastic - Peyton Wolf
1st place - Honors - Katie Warner


School Lunch Survey Report
For questions and additional information please contact Bradley Phelps. 

BMI Survey 2014-2015

Our School District has been selected to take part in a BMI survey by the New York State Department of Health. However, parents may request that this information not be included as part of the aggregated data submitted to the Department of Health by the school district. If you choose to opt out, please use the link below to print out the letter, complete and return to your child’s school nurse.

BMI Opt Out Letter




Author and Presenter Marion Blumenthal Lazan Speaks to Students at the
Junior-Senior High School

An assembly with presenter Marion Blumenthal Lazan was held in the auditorium for all students in grades 7-12 on Thursday, May 8th.  Marion Blumenthal Lazan is a Holocaust survivor and co-author of the memoir Four Perfect Pebbles.  As a child she spent over six years in Nazi concentration camps.  She now travels the country as an inspirational speaker and was the subject of the 2003 documentary Marion's Triumph.  She is committed to sharing her story with as many students as she can, because in her words, "Every young person I speak with is further proof that that little man with the moustache did not win!" See link for additional information www.fourperfectpebbles.com .


Students Teachers and Administration Take Pledge to Stand Up To Bullying During Lunch
SPEAK out against verbal, physical, or cyber-bullying.
TREAT all students with kindness and respect.
ASK the target of bullying if he/she wants my help.
NOTIFY a parent, teacher, counselor, or school administrator when bullying occurs.
DO something when I see someone being bullied- support students who are targeted by a bully.
UNDERSTAND why bullies bully.
PRACTICE being a good role model for my fellow students.

Newton’s Scooter Lab In Physics Class
Students in Mrs. Frey’s College Level Physics class use only the acceleration and applied force of the rider on a scooter to determine the mass of a rider without direct measurement.

Highlights from the 2012-2013 School year

Graduation Pictures 2013

Tully Junior Senior High Hosts Career and College Readiness Fair
As part of Higher Education week the Tully Junior-Senior High School held a Career and College Readiness Fair on Wednesday, December 5th. Over 40 career representatives and 12 colleges attended the fair. A number of presenters from around the state also shared information about careers by skyping with Tully students. Some of the presenters from various career field included: biological sciences, nursing, law enforcement and careers in law, engineering , medical careers, athletic training, fashion, performing arts, international business, journalism, human relations, culinary arts, and management.



Mix-It-Up Lunch Day at the Junior-Senior High School
Mix-It-Up Lunch Day was held on Monday, November 26th at the Tully Junior-Senior High School. During all lunch periods we “Mixed” students by having them match their colored lifesavers with color coded tables. The purpose of this day was to encourage everyone to connect with someone new over lunch, promote community within our school and to have some fun. 


October 25, 2012

Student/Parent morning drop off: We have a number of students that drive to school who then change seats with the person riding with them. We respectfully request that when changes in driver have to be made that it be done in a parking space south of the athletic entrance near the greenhouse. It is our hope that this will create a safer drop-off situation where the student and other driver are not in the flow of traffic. The student can then proceed to the sidewalk to the athletic entrance. Thank you very much for your cooperation in this matter.

Subscribe to e-News
e-News (Ed Alert) is a service that allows members of the Tully Learning Community to receive emergency notifications of school closings, early dismissals, telephone system problems or other emergency information throughout the year.

Special Education
Social Studies 
Languages Other Than English (LOTE)