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OCC College Physics at Tully

:)  Welcome to the page dedicated for use by Tully Physics students.  Suggestions for content to post on this page is appreciated!

Log onto edmodo.com to join our group and communicate with each other after school hours.  Our group number is 
November 14, 2014 - Posted the circular motion packet answer key - sorry it was not there before!

Also posted was the rubric for the centripetal lab formal write up, be sure to follow this!  Report is due Tuesday 11/25 and it is worth 200 points (double a regular lab)




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Files for OCC Physics at Tully High School
circular motion packet answers
Centripetal force lab rubric
Unit 4 Notes filled in
Ch. 6 homework answers
Hmwk answers ch. 5
Hmwk answers ch. 4
college physics lab rubric