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CSE/504/CPSE Meetings
 For the 2020-2021 school year. Our goal is to follow the NYSED guidelines and to always consider health and safety first. For this reason our plan is to continue to hold our meetings in a remote/distance manner for the 2020-2021 school year. Parents, students, staff, and other required Committee members will receive electronic invitations with links for joining the meeting. Parents (students) will also receive traditionally mailed invitations to the meeting. For any parent or guardian who would prefer in-person CSE/CPSE or 504 meetings, please reach out to me through phone or email, and we will work to make this happen to the best of our ability.
More information is provided on this page about how to access/use Google Meet.


Please see attached letter for Students attending BOCES special education programs and return to school after COVID symptoms requirements

BOCES Return to School Requirements Letter

For students with IEPs who are learning remotely at the Elementary School (TES), Our special education teachers and/or related service providers will be working with and around remote learning grade level schedules as per each student's IEP to set up times for special education supports and services.  If your Elementary child has an IEP and is learning remotely and you have any questions about their IEP services, please do not hesitate to call our office.  315-696-6221

Google Meet Use
Google Classroom Use


Parent Support Using Google Meet and other Google Platforms

Letter for Families of Students with IEPs


Click on this link for Letter to Parents
Students with IEPs and Reopening

Thank you to those of you who joined in to the Parent Forums that were hosted by Mr. Kupiec and Mrs. Murphy. I want to let you know that I will be sending information out in the next 2 weeks regarding special education services and plans as they relate to special education for BOCES programs, Tully Elementary School, and Tully JSHS. 
Please know that students with disabilities are general education students first and that until the reopening plans and schedule options for each building and grade level were tentatively developed, I was unable to clearly articulate what that would mean for our special education service delivery. You as parents have been incredibly patient and supportive, I thank you for that.
What you need to know is this... Regardless of what you decide in the near future for your child's model of instruction, according to your options (in-person, hybrid, or all remote), we will provide the special education services as listed on your child's IEP to the maximum extent possible while maintaining the guidelines we have been given by NYS. That means, your child will receive those services in-person if/when they are on-campus learning, and/or they are able to receive them in a remote model if/when they are learning from home. I will work with each family individually as needed to talk through, discuss, and clarify any questions you may have. Please call me anytime with any questions related to your child's IEP implementation for the fall.
Students with (high needs) disabilities have been identified as a priority for schools to offer in-person learning to the extent possible. Both the Elementary School and the JSHS at Tully have planned accordingly so that if wanted, our students with IEPs (as well as other specified populations) can attend in-person learning to the maximum extent possible. At TES that tentatively means they can attend in-person learning every day and at the JSHS they  can tentatively attend in-person learning 4 days a week. I say tentatively as the definitive ability for each building to move forward with the plans proposed will not be finalized until after the Governor makes his final determination and plans have been reviewed. Parents are also able to choose the options provided for each grade level as explained by the building principals without additional in-person days,  or to chose remote learning every day if that is your preference. Again, I thank you for your patience, and please continue to check back for updates.  I will be sending information home in the mail in the next 2 weeks.

Be well, Cristy

Please see top message about 2020-2021 Committee Meetings

We appreciate your patience as we work collaboratively in the best interest of the students for the 2020-2021 school year.
Please email Cristy Bobbett if you need assistance or if I can help in anyway throughout this school year.
Also please check back on this page for future information. 
Here is a link to the NYSED Guidance Document that was released last evening on the 2020-2021 school year
Here is a link for Parent's Guide to Google Classroom, in case anyone at home needs a little info on how to use it
Parent Guide to Google Classroom

Here is a link to quick cheat sheet for joining a "Google Meet"

Please click link below for sample about Invitations and Joining Google Meet for CSE, CPSE, 504
Invitations & Joining Google Meet for CSE, CPSE, 504

Link below for Resources and Help in Supporting Students with Autism (helpful for many students)