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      High School News and Notes

  •     College application time!! Please see Mrs. Davin with any question regarding requesting your transcripts and recommendations!
  •   Seniors!! Please check the deadlines for the local scholarships, Tully Rotary Club Scholarship- 4.28.17, John Shirley Memorial Character Award- 5.1.17, Kenneth & Viola Henry  Memorial Scholarship Award- 5.1.17, Girls of Summer Classis Volunteer Service Scholarship- 5.1.17
  • Seniors! To be be considered for local scholarship at graduation, please remember to bring your resume to Mrs. Davin if you haven't done so.
                 Grades 7-9 News and Notes from Mrs. Newton
Transition to High School:  All Parent/Guardians of Eighth Grade Students are invited to a Transition to High School Program on Monday, January 9th at 6pm.  Mrs. Newton will discuss graduation requirements, expectations for 9th grade, College and Career Readiness, and the Course Selection Process.  Students do not need to attend as they have already received this information.  (see below)

Parents:  Do you want to meet with Mrs. Newton and your child to discuss course selections for next year?  I would happily set up a meeting:  Please call me at 696-6240 or email me at

Ninth Graders have completed a NAVIANCE computer based Career Interest Inventory with Mrs. Newton in October during English class.  They have also met individually with Mrs. Newton in the fall to discuss future planning, review academics, and begin their online resume on NAVIANCE.

All eighth grade students were presented information on the Transition to High School in November during social studies class.   Mrs. Newton reviewed graduation requirements, expectations, and career and college readiness.  They have also completed a brief interest inventory.  In FCS classes, Mrs. Newton has worked on a Career Interest Inventory and has had students work on their NYS Career Plan which documents career interests,  strengths, and areas of improvement.

All seventh graders completed a brief Career Interest Inventory with Mrs. Newton during a Social Studies Class in November.  Students also worked on their NYS Career Plan which documents their interests, strengths, and areas of improvement.  Students have met individually with Mrs. Newton to complete a transition to junior high survey on NAVIANCE and discuss academics and career interests.

Role of the School Counselor at Tully Junior-Senior High School

School counselors address the personal, academic and social concerns of students. The school counselor is an advocate for students and will  assist students with any issues they might have. We are here to listen and help students to solve their problems. School counselors work with students individually or in groups, and with parents.

School counselors counsel students, advocate for students, coordinate programs and activities, consult with teachers and parents, and educate students in the area of college and career readiness. As educators, we can teach children social skills, communication skills and how to solve social dilemmas.  The primary role of the school counselor is to help students to identify and achieve personal, academic, and career goals. Counselors also work closely with students and their families with course selections and college admissions.

We welcome all students to stop in to visit with us if there are any concerns that we may address.  We also encourage phone calls, email communication and meeting with parents.

Course Opportunities for Summer and Fall.
Please Review the information here regarding opportunities for Summer Driver Education, Online Learning Opportunities, Electives for Next Fall, and Distance Learning Opportunities.  Pleases see Mrs. Davin or Mrs. Newton for additional information.  
 Course Opportunities

22 credits are required for graduation from a New York State School

HEALTH 1/2 1/2
  • To qualify for the Regents Diploma students must pass:  A Comprehensive English Regents, Two History Regents exams, One Mathematics Regents Exam, and One Science Regents exam.
  • To qualify for a Regents Diploma with Advanced Designation a student must meet all the exam requirements for a Regents diploma plus: Additional Science Regents Exam, Two additional Math Regents exam, and a Regionally developed Comprehensive Exam in a Second Language
  • SPECIAL NOTE: Students seeking a Regents Diploma with Advanced Designation who pursue a 5-unit sequence in Art, Music or Occupational Education may use this in lieu of the Second Language requirement.







Upcoming Events and Opportunities

Students, please let your counselor know if you volunteer. If you need assistance locating volunteering opportunities, please check with us.

Career, College, Testing, and Scholarship Links

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Program of Studies 2017-18
Kenneth & Viola Henry Memorial Award 2016
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John Shirley Memorial Character Award Scholarship
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