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Forms for Staff Use Only

All Tully Central School staff should check here for forms and documents for your use. You will also find links to various locations on the Internet that you may find useful.
Most forms require

to view and complete.

Announcements for Staff

  • Check Parents/Community for Facilities Use Form

Important Links for Staff

Calendar of Daily Activities 2013-2014
Annual Professional Performance Review as approved by the Board of Education
Annual Professional Performance Review as approved by the State Education Department

Various Forms and Documents for Staff

Overnight Field Trip Form
2013-2014 School Calendar
Staff Request for a Transportation Vehicle (ALL Employees)
Absence Form (ALL Employees)
Level III Teaching Assistant Stipend Form (TTA Only)
Professional Development Hours Form (Certified Staff Only)
Sick Bank Authorization (TTA Only)
Health Insurance Waiver (ALL employees)
Extra Classroom Year End Report (TTA Only)
Academic Report Form
Approval for Graduate Credits (TTA Only)
Approval for In-Service (TTA Only)

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