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Homecoming Pride Homecoming Pride The JSHS knows how to show their pride when it comes to Homecoming week. The festivities were in full swing with ‘Merica Monday kicking off the week and Tropical Tuesday showed us just how much our students and staff love their beachy climates. Wednesday was Anything but a Backpack Day, a new spirit day, where students took on the task and were very creative with their choices. Baskets, garbage pails, golf bags, small animal carriers, and strollers were seen. Some bigger items were also seen such as a tire, a sled, and a yoke. Whatever the item, students had fun going from class to class with their supplies! Thursday was Throwback Thursday where students and staff enjoyed dressing up from different time periods and Friday was the all-known Tully Pride Day. Students continued their Homecoming ...
Back to School 2022 Back to School 2022 The 2022-2023 school year is officially underway with brand-new lessons being taught, activities in full swing, sports being played, and picture days underway. The first day of school was great for students and teachers alike; lots of smiles were shared between friends and co-workers as everyone saw each other after a restful summer. September brought both the TES Back to School Night and the JSHS Curriculum Night with great turnouts. ParentSquare is now being used consistently by the entire district and positive feedback has been noted. In addition, the Superintendent search is pushing forward while Mr. Hoose, Tully CSD’s interim superintendent, has been very helpful in many facets. We are so excited to share all of the wonderful things teachers and students are engaging in this year! ...
Submit Your Alumni News Submit Your Alumni News The Knight Insight wishes to highlight news of recent graduates. If you have information relating to academic or the career path of recent graduates, please email to: If you have any questions, call 315-696-6236.

      Viewing 1 - 3 of 3 stories