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Academic Eligibility Policy


The purpose of our school is to educate the student: mentally, physically and socially. Within the school environment all students are encouraged to be active participants in student life both within and outside the classroom. Involvement in sports, drama, musical groups, or other student organizations is a key element of a student’s overall growth as a young person. However, a student’s primary responsibility is the successful completion of his/her academic program. While participation in extracurricular activities is strongly encouraged, academics must come first.

Students who are involved in extracurricular activities, either as participants or spectators must accept the responsibility and commitment associated with this philosophy.

Similarly, all teachers, coaches, counselors and administrators share the responsibility to proactively maintain a commitment to this philosophy. It is within this philosophy that the following academic eligibility procedure is proposed.

Academic Eligibility Procedure

Students experiencing academic difficulty are identified approximately every 2 (two) weeks, essentially the halfway point between the 5 and 10 week mark. Students that are failing 2 (two) or more classes will be placed on Academic Concern.

During the Academic Concern period a student may practice, train, rehearse, and participate in contests, performances, or events.

When placed on Academic Concern and a student does not successfully achieve passing grades after a two-week period then he/she will become Academically Ineligible. If during the Academic Ineligibility period, a student shows significant improvement and a teacher requests an administrative review then a student may be moved to Academic Concern.

If a student shows significant improvement and is not failing 2 (two) or more classes then he/she may be removed from either Academic Concern or Academically Ineligible.

Students declared Academically Ineligible may not play, practice, train, or rehearse with their team, cast, ensemble. Students who are ineligible may not attend dances or any other school activities outside of the regular school day.