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McClure Named AD of the Year

Word may have already gotten out that Mr. McClure, Tully’s Athletic Director, is set to retire at the end of this school year, so it is quite befitting that the honor of being named Section 3’s Athletic Director of the year was bestowed on Mr. McClure in the month of March. Students and staff alike have extended their praises, calling this award “well-deserved” and “long overdue.” McClure has worked at Tully CSD for thirty years, first as a PE teacher and then taking on the role of Athletic Director in 2003. McClure’s athletes and co-workers will miss his presence on campus but are sure to see him keeping an eye on Tully’s athletic alumni. 

AD of the year event
Mr. McClure attended the AD of the Year banquet.

AD of the year award
Mr. McClure accepted Section 3's AD of the Year award.

AD of the year decorations
Tully showing their support for the AD of the Year.