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March Madness Hoop Shoot 2022

During the month of March, the NCAA Men’s and Women’s Basketball Tournaments take place to determine the national champion of college basketball. This tournament is referred to as “March Madness” and here at Tully Elementary we have our own version of this event. This year, TES hosted its 13th annual March Madness Hoop Shoot. The event is a free throw shooting competition between students from the same grade level for one intense minute! This year’s grade level champions were Jayce Garafolo and Patrick Pierce (6th Grade - 11 pts.), Sam Dando (5th Grade - 15 pts.), Garrett Von Uderitz (4th Grade - 13pts.), Blake Schmidt (3rd Grade - 12 pts.), Hunter Doyle and Eli Blaney (2nd Grade - 11 pts.), and Adalynn Forshee (1st Grade - 10pts.). Over 100 students competed in this year’s March Madness! We want to thank all of the students that participated or volunteered to keep score/rebound. TES showed great sportsmanship and we look forward to next year’s hoop shoot!

hoop shoothoop shoot hoop shoot
Students enjoy the hoop shoot.

hoop shoothoop shoothoop shoothoop shotthoop shoot
Students get ready for their shot.

hoop shoothoop shoot
Students cheer on their friends during the hoop shoot.