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Authors in the Making

Mrs. Lancer’s third grade classroom got the chance to write and present their own real-life stories this spring. Students chose a topic that they wished to write about and included the details and facts about that specific time within it. They also learned what being a good listener entailed. When they were ready, invitations were sent out to teachers and staff of their choosing, inviting them to their classroom so they could share their writing. In all four corners of the room, an author’s chair was set up and the class was divided into groups. Each student had a turn reading their true story and About the Author page while the others listened. Listeners then got to ask questions of the author. When finished, the student rotated from being author to listener and vice versa. Staff from around the building also sat in to listen and celebrate the amazing job these authors in the making did. Fun snacks were then enjoyed by the young authors – a truly deserved reward for all their hard work!

young authosyoung authors
These young authors worked hard!

reading to peersreading to peersreading to peers
Reading to their classmates.

reading to adultsreading to adultsreading to adults
Sharing with others, staff included.

all about the authorall about the authorall about the author
Students shared an All About the Author, too.

any questionsany questionsany questions