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Mock DWI Good Reminder to Stay Safe

Teen Institute helps conduct a mock DWI wreck and assembly on school grounds every other year to remind our students to be safe while behind the wheel before prom and graduation, and of course, every other day of the year. With recent past events, TI was just now able to bring this back after a three year hiatus. Community members such as local law enforcement, fire and rescue, Judge Malone, and Hartwell Funeral Home helped in this endeavor. Students from TI played the roles of the impaired driver and the accident victims while others listened to a mock 911 call, watched the extraction, witnessed the arrest and arraignment, and attended a funeral. While this was a mock wreck, statistics show that one person dies every fifty-two minutes due to impaired/distracted driving – something we hope to never have to witness. Special thanks goes out to all staff and personnel that made this mock DWI assembly a good reminder to stay safe.