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Homecoming Pride

The JSHS knows how to show their pride when it comes to Homecoming week. The festivities were in full swing with ‘Merica Monday kicking off the week and Tropical Tuesday showed us just how much our students and staff love their beachy climates. Wednesday was Anything but a Backpack Day, a new spirit day, where students took on the task and were very creative with their choices. Baskets, garbage pails, golf bags, small animal carriers, and strollers were seen. Some bigger items were also seen such as a tire, a sled, and a yoke. Whatever the item, students had fun going from class to class with their supplies! Thursday was Throwback Thursday where students and staff enjoyed dressing up from different time periods and Friday was the all-known Tully Pride Day. Students continued their Homecoming enthusiasm with an end-of-the-day pep rally where Diego Iglesias and Catherine Lund were crowned Homecoming King and Queen. Lots of games were played and tons of fun was had right up until the bell where students caught sight of Mr. Paccia finishing off his pie in the pie eating contest. Students then filled the stands that evening at the Homecoming football game. Tully sure does know how to show their pride!

red white and blue teachersred white and blue studentsMrs. BovimatchingUSA cowboy hat
Lots of teachers and students sporting their red, white, and blue for 'Merica Monday!'

tropical tuesdaytriplets on tropical tuesdaytropical tuesday friendstriplet tropical tuesdaysporting flowers for tropical tuesday
Lots of bright colors for Tropical Tuesday!

bucket, golf bag, shopping carttirellama baskethamster cagefish net
Anything but a Backpack Day!

microwavepainter's yokelaundry basket and cat carrierplay station box
Lots of creativity on Anything but a Backpack Day!

variety of bagssledvariety of rolling bags
What would you bring to carry all your things?

bright work out clothesnewsies and hippiesnewsiebell bottomsbaby doll shoeswoodstock
Stepping back in time with Throwback Thursday!

Wearing red and blacksoccer girlscross country
Tully Pride!

winnercheerleaderscaptain's quarters
Pep rally fun!

musical chairssack hopwheelbarrow racepie eating contest
Lots of games were played! 

at the gameat the pep rallyon the field
Homecoming King and Queen fulfilling their duties on Homecoming NIght.