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Safety Awareness with Mr. Wintermute

Mr. Wintermute, TES’s new SRO, has been busy on campus getting to know the kids. In addition to building rapport with them, he is giving them invaluable advice. During the gym classes of the 3rd through 6th graders, he gave a safety awareness speech going over situational awareness, internet safety, and the well-known adage “see something, say something.” He feels that students of this age can be aware of things or people that might seem out of place and can help when adults might not take notice, encouraging students to be brave and speak up if they think something is not right. He also stressed the importance of keeping information private when on the Internet or on social media. Not giving out personal information such as name, age, and address are important for all students in their daily lives but is equally important for those who get online. Mr. Wintermute is helping our kids stay safe in more ways than one and the kids are enjoying his presence!