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Reciting Shakespeare: Choosing the (W)Right One

Each year, the Shakespeare Recitation Competition interests a handful of students and each year, the talent gets tougher to judge. This year, six students participated in front of four renowned judges, and all did exceptional jobs with their monologues. The emotion was palpable throughout the room and the students did not disappoint as their voices carried and their hand gestures were aplenty. Whenever competing, choosing the right character/monologue is important. Lucy Wright did just that. Wright took first by storm with her performance of Caliban from The Tempest. Her monologue was not only captivating and intriguing, but just about flawless as she knelt low performing the creature. Jack VanBeveren took second place with his strong rendition of Antony from Julius Caesar and Sarah Kuty took third with her version of Tamora from Titus Andronicus. Only Wright will continue on to compete in March against all other Syracuse-area winners for the regional title.

The judges share some invaluable advise at the
Shakespeare Recitation competition.