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Scholastic Art Achievements 22-23

The Scholastic Arts competition is one that Tully students always excel in, and this year was no different. Several JSHS students submitted their work among 4000 other entries with the hopes of winning an award. With so much talent being recognized, freshman Bryce Keller was the only Tully student this year to secure a Gold Key for his stippling technique portrait of Mr. Paccia titled Coach Paccia. Keller was recognized, along with other CNY students, for receiving the Gold Key in this highly competitive field at the SRC Arena in January.

Several other students received Honorable Mentions for their pieces: Garrett Hand for his untitled piece in the sculpture category; Aurora Randall for her drawing Dad; Sean Mize for his mixed media Leaf Project; Andrew Polak for his drawing titled Cat and his mixed media Deep Sea Life; Hayley Brenchley for her photograph Eyeball; Rachel Daddona for her printmaking called Shape Face; and Corinne Metz for her photograph Sweeties.

All mentioned artwork was displayed on the OCC campus through the beginning of March. Congratulations to all our talented artists. We can’t wait to see what is created next!

cat life
Cat Life by Andrew Polak

deep sea life
Deep Sea Life by Andrew Polak

Dad by Aurora Randall

Sweeties by Corinne Metz

Untitled by Garrett Hand

Eyeball by Hayley Brenchley

shape face
Shape Face by Rachel Daddona

leaf project
Leaf Project by Sean Mize

coach pacciareceiving an award
Coach Paccia by Bryce Keller        Keller receiving an award for his artwork