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Students were treated to a special visit from Christine Petrell Kallevig, an author who uses origami to tell her stories. Students enjoyed listening to Kallevig’s interactive version of her very own book, The Sun, the Moon, and the Origami Grammie. While leading them through the journey with her origami rooster, students sang repetitive lines in the book and Kallevig encouraged the students to help her finish pieces of the story. Students then got to try origami themselves while Kallevig walked them through the process. While students completed an easier piece of origami, Kallevig had many on display that ranged from easier pieces to more intricate pieces but explained to students that origami “makes sense” because it is logical and follows basic math rules. She explained to the students that she learned origami when she was an adult and that it is an art that anyone can pick up at any age. Not only did students leave with their own piece of origami and a book with fold-along stories, but a great sense of how we can turn something we love doing into a fun teaching opportunity, just like her storigami. Special thanks to the PTO for sponsoring this event!

oragami swan
Oragami Swan