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Teen Institute Chooses Iozzo to be Youth Staff Member

Teen Institute is a student-led club that promotes a healthy lifestyle and a drug free school community. Here at Tully, we are considered a “legacy school” as Tully was one of the original schools to participate in the Teen Institute program through Prevention Network. Elaina Iozzo has been a member of the Tully Teen Institute for two years now and attended the annual Teen Institute conference this past November at Camp of the Woods; a four-day conference where students learn about themselves and gain leadership skills. There, she “felt myself grow as a person and watched the people around me grow. I wanted to go back and help others have the same experience.” So Elaina did just that – she applied to become a youth staff member for the Teen Institute conference. After applying, she went through a rigorous interview process and was then selected by the head of Teen Institute and other adult members to return to the conference as a youth staff member. She will train for the position this summer and be actively involved in the planning and implementation process of the annual conference this coming fall. This is an awesome responsibility as only a handful of past Tully students have become youth staff. Tully congratulates Elaina on this well-deserved accomplishment and know she will represent Tully well!