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2023 Presents Academic Top Ten

Each year, seniors are given their academic rank designation. These students are those that work tirelessly to achieve the highest of standards in their classroom education. Tully JSHS is proud to present this year’s Top Ten beginning with the valedictorian, Alexa Shay. Alexa has split her time between athletics and academics but excelling at both. She is an active member of not only the National Honor Society but the Spanish National Honor Society. In addition, she is a part of the Teen Institute. Alexa excelled quickly in sports at the JSHS, starting on varsity teams her freshman year. Alexa is a force to contend with on the track, field, and court, and is a worthy opponent to those she comes up against. Academically, she focuses on her college courses in Spanish and math and enjoys time in art classes. Alexa is well-rounded both academically and athletically, and we wish to congratulate her on this wonderful achievement! Kaitlyn Edinger has also taken advantage of her academic options to secure her spot as salutatorian. Kaitlyn has excelled at leadership skills and is an active member of the National Honor Society, the Spanish National Honor Society, Teen Institute, and the Daneli Leadership Program. She also quickly excelled in the running world, joining the varsity teams of cross country, indoor track, and outdoor track early on at the JSHS and earning many titles throughout her running career. Kaitlyn academically excels in her college and AP classes, leaving little downtime in her schedule. Kaitlyn is also well-rounded both academically and athletically, and we wish to congratulate her on this outstanding achievement! All students on the Top Ten list engage in a wide variety of activities including sports, Student Council, volunteer programs, and school clubs. They have all worked tremendously hard for their accomplishments and deserve the highest of praise. We wish every one of these students much success in their forthcoming educational and career aspirations!

Valedictorian - Alexa Shay; Salutatorian - Kaitlyn Edinger; 3rd - Amberle Brown; 4th - Veronica Kowalewski; 5th - Daniel Foody; 6th - Ryan Mize; 7th - Everett Chambala; 8th - Daniel Mech; 9th - Colden Ives; 10th - Braden Switzer