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Sixth Grade Headed to JSHS

The sixth grade was busy towards the end of school, trying to squeeze in all the fun in between wrapping up lessons. In addition to their annual talent show and the introductory day at the JSHS, they hosted their annual carnival. Each year, sixth graders create carnival games out of cardboard, duct tape, and leftover art supplies as their last community service project. Their younger peers then get to attend the carnival in which they receive eight free tickets to start with and may purchase more. This year, all proceeds were donated to the Golisano Children’s Hospital. Sixth graders also picked up their annual Green Lakes trip again this year. Due to the field day having to be moved to the same day as the Green Lakes trip, sixth graders got to participate at the beginning, honoring the flag and trying their hand at the dunk tank before they left. It turned out to be a spectacularly warm day for the students to enjoy the water, games, music, and food while at the lake. A busy time of year for all, but a memorable one for the sixth graders who will join the JSHS this fall!

sixth grade celebrationsixth grade celebrationsixth grade celebration
Parents, grandparents, and family friends gathered to celebrate the Tully Elementary Class of 2023.

sixth grade graduation ceremonysixth grade graduation ceremony7sixth grade graduation ceremony
Friends and family enjoy the reception after sixth grade graduation.