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From A to Z

Each year, seniors get to vote on who they would like the yearbook to be dedicated to, and this year seniors couldn’t choose just one honorary, so they chose two. The two dedicates just happened to both be teachers that retired at the end of June.  The 2023 Oracle was dedicated to Mrs. Abrams and Mr. Zupan, each being a testament to the strong bonds they formed with their students over the years. The yearbook staff members were delighted to create a spread titled “From A to Z” to honor them both. The ceremony theme was “Global” since both teachers’ subjects figuratively took students around the world. Planes, suitcases, and globe decorations donned the stage and lobbyteria. The dedicates’ families were in attendance and a few bittersweet tears were shed. Students who attended the dedication were more than happy to cheer for both teachers. At the end of the ceremony, senior class representatives presented Mr. O’Brien and Mrs. Holl with the senior gift of a wood-burned plaque depicting the face of Matthew Gesin; a loss that shook the Tully JSHS community. This year’s ceremony was heartfelt and memorable to all who were able to be in attendance.

yearbook dedicatees
Mrs. Abrams and Mr. Zupan with their dedicated yearbook.

senior gift
Seniors gift plaque in honor of lost student.

yearbook staff
Yearbook staff with 2023 dedicatees.