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Middle Schoolers Attend SU Game

Fifth and sixth graders took a trip on the last day before the holiday break to attend a women’s SU basketball game at the JMA Wireless Dome with 8,000 other school-aged spectators. Anticipation and excitement filled the halls before they left. Students donned SU jerseys or Tully shirts, along with tutus, face paint, and hats that represented SU. Loading the buses with their lunches, they buzzed about the game ahead. For some, this would be their first time to watch a basketball game live. It ended up being an energized game with SU winning 85-43. Students were also excited that Mr. Meixell participated in a short interview on Spectrum News. It was a great way to spend the day with friends before the break. 

students in SU apparelstudents in SU apparel
Sixth graders all geared up for an SU game.