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Fourth Grade is Hands-On

Fourth graders are doing some interesting lessons, getting creative, and making learning something to enjoy. Students recently learned all about how motion changes during a collision and how objects slow down due to friction. To test this, they created “helmets” (containers) to support their “head” (eggs) during a “collision” (egg drop) using materials like cotton, sponges, tape, cups, and foam. Students had to follow certain criteria to be successful and then thought like engineers to evaluate the effectiveness of their helmets and what could be improved, if needed. This lesson was a great prerequisite to Physics in high school where students also perform an egg drop but with more criteria. Fourth graders also created purple and white wampum (beaded-type garment) that told a story of a time in their lives that they learned something about themselves. To go along with this, they wrote personal narratives, creating an illustrated digital audio book using Students then shared their personal stories with their peers. This lesson tied into their unit about the Native American tribes in our area. The students seem to really enjoy the hands-on aspects of the lessons and we are happy to see the outcomes!

students share their work
Students share their personal narratives.

a container for an egg drop
An example of an "egg helmet."