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(W)right Again

The Shakespeare Recitation competition has been gaining traction each year, attracting the attention of those students who are interested in a mixture of drama, literature, and public speaking. This year, six students participated, giving quite the performance. Both Nicholas Houghton and Bryce Keller gave solid monologues, with Nicholas enacting Hamlet and Bryce enacting Mercutio. Nora Bort, a newcomer to the competition, received an honorable mention for her interpretation of Helena from A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Brianna Brame received third place with her rendition of Lysander, also from A Midsummer Night’s Dream, while Elise Spencer took second with her interpretation of Phoebe from As you Like It. Lucy Wright, winner of last year’s competition, took first place again with her Macbeth monologue. Lucy will continue on to the branch competition at Syracuse Stage with an additional sonnet, competing against all the other area schools for a chance to get to New York City for the national competition. We wish Lucy the best of luck in the next leg of the competition! 

*Special thanks goes out to judges Ronnie Bell, Tony Brown, Bill Coughlin, and Bill Ralbovsky.

Shakespeare competitors
Shakespeare Competitors