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Five-Star Flavor

Students in the Senior High Student Council had recommended a change to the cafeteria menu to incorporate more flavor. They wanted to see more variety, moreso often than just during International Week when the cafeteria showcases foods from around the world. Taking the suggestion to heart, Mr. Gucciardi, cafeteria manager, held a taste test for a handful of students to get some feedback. Mr. Gucciardi prepared four different dishes and invited them back into the kitchen where they received a quick tour of where the food was stored and prepared; then they got down to business. After testing all four dishes, the students agreed that their favorite dish was Mr. Gucciardi’s chicken wings coated in a mild sweet sauce that he concocted, giving it a five star flavor rating. Some asked for seconds and they even thought the elementary students would like this dish. Their next favorite dish was a sweet and sour chicken with rice. The good thing about this dish is that it seems to be versatile. The chicken can be tossed using many different flavors to mix it up. Something that Mr. Gucciardi learned in culinary school was to be creative with leftovers, and that is what he plans on doing with turkey in the future. He created a bbq turkey sandwich and turkey nachos, both receiving good reviews. With all four new dishes receiving positive feedback from the students, the cafeteria will be getting a little more flavor, including the five star flavor rating of Mr. Gucciardi’s wing sauce, in their lunches.