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Micron Engagement

Micron, a technology company that is making its home in Clay, NY, has gotten involved in the surrounding communities even before the fabrication of the facilities. Micron wanted to assess the challenges that prospective Micron workers could potentially face and how those challenges could be overcome. Learning about the societal challenges will not only help individuals maintain jobs but will also help Micron prosper in the future. Students (possible future Micron workers) from surrounding school districts helped represent their communities in a Zoom forum that was held in January. Kyla Campoy, Class of 2026 Treasurer, represented Tully. Kyla helped Micron understand that with Tully being a rural area, lack of mass transportation and child care could impact Tully residents from becoming Micron workers. In addition, lots of ideas were shared among the students, talking about what would be beneficial to Micron such as field trips for students to see what the technology corporation is all about and what type of jobs would be available. This would also benefit students, as they would begin thinking about what their future may look like in general or in the technology sector. Kyla not only offered her perspective but gained some too. She realized that in rural areas, the resources may not be as plentiful, such as elective classes. She stated that “STEM engagement is crucial to growing minds and our smaller community schools struggle to offer similar course loads” as some of the larger districts. If some of these challenges are overcome, Micron may be able to provide thousands of stable jobs for those residing in CNY. As of right now, it all starts with the students.