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An Anemone Full of Drama

TES Drama has done it again! A magical underwater tale came to life at the beginning of February with Finding Nemo, Jr.  With costumes hand-crafted and the stage transformed into a bright anemone, students took to the stage to tell a humorous and endearing tale of the beloved clownfish kids know as Nemo. After being caught by fishermen, Nemo’s dad, Marlin, and a spunky blue tang fish named Dory, trek across the sea in search of him. While being held captive in a personal aquarium, the Tank Gang help plot to get Nemo back to the ocean. 

Because of Finding Nemo’s notoriety, the audience was able to foresee what would happen and know what to expect but enjoyed the humor and uniqueness that the cast brought to the stage. A funny addition to the plot was the beachgoer during scene changes that was flocked with seagulls each time he tried to enjoy a snack. With character signs, light-up wands, and glow sticks in hand, the audience really enjoyed this underwater tale. Special thanks go to Mrs. Biggar, Mrs. Hill, Mrs. Moss, high school senior Hannah Brenchley, and the crew for an amazing production!

Students dressed as fish
A job well done!

Students in seagull costumes
Incoming! Seagulls flock a beach-goer.

A pelican fills in the Tank Gang
The Tank Gang speaking to Nigel.

Nemo and Marlin in their home
Nemo and Marlin in their anemone. 

Sting Ray with his fish friends
Mr. Ray with his students. 

The entire cast of Finding Nemo
The cast poses for one last picture.