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A Blast from the Past

With the Alumni Association gathering and Class of ’74 Reunion approaching, we wanted to share a bit of Tully JSHS history with the community. In 1969, the Tully JSHS building was brand new with most of the building being functional for use. The students that year were eagerly anticipating the first day of school in the new building, especially since the beginning of school was delayed for them due to some piping issues. Mr. Fisher, an alumnus of the Class of ’74, remembers, “During study hall periods we students all carried the library books in specific order over from the elementary building like ants to be placed properly in the new library.” In addition, a time capsule was placed within the building structure. The cornerstone block located at the front of the school labeled “1969” is actually hollow, filled with memorabilia from the classes of ’69 – ’75. The yearbook of 1970 documented the filling and placement of the time capsule. While this time capsule is sealed until the fall of the building, other time capsules have been placed on the grounds. How cool to find one and see what items from Tully’s history have been placed in it - a real blast from the past!