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Much Ado in the Maker Lab

Students in Pre-K through fourth grade are now enjoying regular time in the Maker Lab with Mrs. Machado. There, they are learning computer sciences. Younger students who are new to computer usage, play games and use visual aids to learn how the computer works, including the mouse, keyboard, headphones, and signing in. Students who understand the basics of computers will hone in on typing correctly and use digital tools to create a product. Coding will also be touched on for these students. Staying safe online is another standard that Mrs. Machado will work with the students on. Whatever the lesson, students are eager to use computers in a fun and interesting way!

Students learn how to use a mouse
Students are shown how to play a game while
using a mouse

Students play a game to learn how to use a computer
Students play a game to learn how to use the 
computer correctly.