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A Hodge Podge of Days

Elementary school has always been seen as a fun and creative space while learning, and special days that the students celebrate add to the excitement. This year, it just so happened that our youngest students celebrated their 101st day with a Puppy Parade on the same day as Valentine’s Day, an already exciting day without the added treat. Our older students at the elementary celebrated their 100th day the day before Valentine’s Day, giving them two days in a row for festivities. Any fourth grader that attended TES for Pre-K, also got to celebrate their 1000th day of school on the same day as their 100th day of school for this year. With all the excitement of different celebrations going on within a couple of days, we chalked it up to a hodge podge of a week!

Filling treat bags
Students fill their peers' Valentine's bags

Enjoying treats together
Students enjoy treats for Valentine's Day and 
100 Days of School