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Scholastic Art Awards Abound

Several Tully students entered the Scholastic Art competition this year, among four thousand other contestants, hoping for the recognition that their art made an impression. With all types of media being represented, there was a limitless amount of talent. Our Gold Key winners were Evelyn Chatfield for her drawing Stella, Bryce Keller’s drawing Clover, and Andrew Polak’s drawing Bad Hair Day. Our single Silver Key winner was Jack VanBeveren’s drawing titled Cerberus.

Honorable Mentions went to: Gabrielle Flatt for her mixed media Grimace and Cheeto, Bryce Keller’s painting Harvest Vegetables, Chloe Collins’ drawing Secretary Bird, Ella Hall’s drawing Chicken, Brier Huggins’ stippling Llama, Arora Randall’s drawing Aurora, Meadow Seamon’s drawing Tate, Isaac Stoogenke’s drawing Smirk, Jack VanBeveren’s drawing Fade Into You, and Julia Wortley’s drawing Snow Leopard.

All artwork receiving an award was displayed on OCC campus where senior high art classes were able to take a field trip to view. Congratulations to all our talented students! We are proud of your efforts!

Art piece Stella
Gold Key: Stella

Art piece Clover
Gold Key: Clover

Art piece Bad Hair Day
Gold Key: Bad Hair Day

Art Piece Cerberus
Silver Key: Cerberus

Art piece Tate
Honorable Mention: Tate

Art piece Snow Leopard
Honorable Mention: Snow Leopard

Art piece Fade Into You
Honorable Mention: Fade Into You

Art piece Smirk
Honorable Mention: Smirk

Art piece Grimace and Cheeto
Honorable Mention: Grimace and Cheeto

Art piece Chicken
Honorable Mention: Chicken

Art piece Secretary Bird
Honorable Mention: Secretary Bird

Art piece Harvest Vegetables
Honorable Mention: Harvest Vegetables

Art piece Llama
Honorable Mention: Llama

Art piece Aurora
Honorable Mention: Aurora