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TES Yearbook Hard at Work

In the fall, eight sixth grade students joined the Elementary School Yearbook Club. Officers were elected and students gained experience running meetings and making decisions based upon consensus. Club members decided on the cover, design, and layout of the yearbook. The group also discussed the cost of the yearbook and pricing to minimize profits without generating a potential loss.

In February, the dynamics of the club changed. Club membership was opened to fifth grade students and nineteen more students joined the club. Mrs. Edinger and Mrs. Hardy, the club advisors, invited the fifth grade students because it was announced that they would be the first sixth grade class to shift to the junior-senior high school, planned for September 2024.

The newly formed group worked on the yearbook in small group sessions. Students designed pages using candids, image boxes, textboxes, and embellishments to personalize pages. Even with such a large group, there was a way for everyone to contribute to the yearbook.

“Yearbook Club is fun because you get to be with a variety of people and use creativity to put the yearbook together. Also, we get to see the inside of the yearbook and vote to figure out how to put everything in order,” said June Adams, president of the club.

Typically over 250 yearbooks are sold and yearbooks are distributed in June. 

working on the yearbook.
6th graders working hard at creating a yearbook full of memories.