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Music to Our Ears

This year’s JSHS musical was beyond successful thanks to such a hard-working crew, cast, and production team, as well as guest musicians and volunteers. With over twenty-five students, including two from the elementary, The Sound of Music was quite literally music to the audience’s ears; and thanks to several pit musicians, the cast had beautiful music to help them  serenade the audience among the snow-peaked mountain set. The audience each night was taken through a voyage of the Von Trapp family during World War II, depicting family triumph and togetherness. While lots of laughter was heard throughout the musical, at times you could hear a pin drop in the auditorium while the cast sang gracefully, both in English and in Latin. This year was a defining year for ticket sales. Several students, parents, and community members could be seen at more than one show. This may be in part to the musical preview that was given to the entire student body the week of the production, a first for the JSHS. Students followed a modified bell schedule and then attended a sneak peak, causing many to wonder just what happened to the Von Trapp family. Kudos goes out to the talented students and staff for a wonderful production, and special thanks goes out to the community sponsors: Southern Hills Veterinary Hospital, Bloomin’ Cup, Jack McNerney Chevrolet, and Tasty China.


nunsholding handsthe maid
Students present The Sound of Music.

A scene from The Sound of Music.

Dancing to the sound of music.

stage crew
The stage crew that made it all happen.