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School Screenings

The district’s School Health Services program supports your student’s academic success by promoting health in the school setting.  One way that we provide care for your student is by performing the health screenings as mandated by the State of New York.  Hearing, vision, and scoliosis screenings are required to take place in school at certain grade levels unless completely documented on a current health physical that the screenings were performed by their health care provider. 
Students who will be reviewed for screenings include new students, as well as students in grades 7 and 11.

The screenings will include:
  • Hearing
  • Distance acuity- Sharpness or clearness of vision looking at objects at a distance
  • Near vision- sharpness or clearness of vision looking at objects close up
  • Color perception (color vision)- the ability to distinguish colors
  • Scoliosis for girls in grade 7 and boys in grade 9 only