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ESSA / Title I Information


Tully Elementary School is a Title I school and as such receives funding each year from the federal government.  Additionally, the Tully District also receives federal funding in the areas of Title II, Part A and Title IV, Part A.  One of the provisions for receiving federal funding is that each district is required to communicate with various stakeholders as part of the application process.  This website provides addition information about federal funding through ESSA programs including links to the appropriate Board Policy (#8260) and the process to file complaints.  Please use the links at left for access to various documents.  The complaint process can be found below. If you have any questions, please contact Paul Schiener, Director of Instructional Support Services, at 315-696-6235 or at

Complaint Process

Any person who wishes to file a complaint regarding a Title I issue may complain directly in writing to the building principal, who will then investigate the issue.  The building principal will notify the Superintendent of Schools of the findings of the investigation as well as any necessary adjustments to Title I programming.


TES Building Level Plan
Spanish Translation - TES Building Level Plan
Back to School Night Parent Presentation
Board of Education ESSA Policy
Participation Rate Improvement Plan
Title I Collaboration Documents (Google Drive)