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Information from the School Nurse


IMPORTANT: The New York State Department of Health recently announced that effective September 1, 2016, all students entering 7th and 12th grades must receive the meningococcal vaccine before they can attend school.  Meningococcal disease causes bacterial meningitis and other serious diseases. Teens and young adults are at greater risk. While this is not a new vaccine (it has been recommended for years), it will now be required for school entry this fall. Please note that students who have received this vaccine in the past may still need a booster to start school. Parents and guardians should check with their family doctors to see whether or not their child needs the vaccine. 

Students entering 6th grade must have the Tetanus and Diphtheria toxoid-containing vaccine and Pertussis vaccine booster (Tdap) and 2 doses of the Varicella vaccine (Chickenpox) before the start of school in September 2018. 
Students needing to receive any medication (prescription or non-prescription) during school hours must have written prescription from your Health Care Provider and written permission from a parent or guardian in order for the nurse to administer the medication. The medication must be in the original container and must be delivered to the Health Office by a parent or guardian. STUDENTS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO HAVE MEDICATION ON THEIR PERSON AT SCHOOL. The only exception is a rescue inhaler for an asthmatic student who has written permission from their Health Care Provider and has been deemed self-directed by the School Nurse.
The New York State Department of Education requires a health certificate or health appraisal of each public school student when they: enter the school district for the first time; are in Grades Pre-K or  K, 1,3, 5, 7, 9  and 11; participate in interscholastic sports; need working papers; and are referred to the Committee on Special Education.

All students participating in interscholastic sports programs, regardless of grade level, must have a physical exam before participating in any sport practice. These physicals need to be turned into the School Nurse prior to the start of practice.  If you child intends to play a sport, it is important that they check with the School Nurse before practice to verify they have a current sports physical on file.

Physicals expire one year from the month they were performed, on the last day on the month.
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