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Counseling and Wellness

School Counselors:  Jennifer Newton (7-9)                           Kate Davin (10-12)

As school counselors our role includes supporting the social and emotional well being of our students.  We do this through consultation with teachers, educational programs in the classroom, individual counseling, and small group counseling.  We realize that students' ability to achieve their academic and career goals is related to their social and emotional health. Another important part of our role with students is making assessments and referrals as necessary, as well as contacting parents when appropriate  On this page, we will provide resources for parents and students that supports our students social and emotional health.

Please Note:  The links to resources in this area may navigate away from the District website and the District does not necessarily approve the linked material nor control the updates or maintenance of those pages.
Counselor Contact
You may call our office phones and leave a message or email us.  We will email, call back, or set up a video session with Google Meet or Zoom.  We are here to help!
Jennifer Newton and Kate Davin     315 696-6238      315 696-6239

Mindfulness Tips
Check in with a friend and others. Reach out to someone each day to have a non-school related conversation.